Monday, August 18, 2014

She can’t even control her husband, what more a state?

I’m one of those that don’t really like to comment much on your site partly coz I have seen my fair share of people who talk a lot but in the end, nothing was done. I’d prefer to just action on what I think — usually during GE. :)
This Selangor MB crisis has opened my eyes to many things — politics is a really dirty game. Backstabbing, allegations without evidence, blind support, etc… While I’ve never had anything positive for PKR, I am very disappointed with DAP’s action in this crisis. PAS did slightly better, though in the end, I can understand why they did what they did — they have to survive “politically”.
From this crisis, I have also noticed that our “politicians” seem to have put party needs first, instead of the rakyat. I recall some have said that they are doing what is best for party, but is that necessarily best for the rakyat? A good example is Rodziah. She could have stayed on to serve the rakyat, but instead, decided to quit and comply with the party’s stand (actually, this also applies to those other exco who were fired after declaring they will not work with the Selangor MB).
Is this the right thing to do? To follow a party’s order? Isn’t this what we have always said BN’s components parties are doing when they are not standing up and fighting for the “right cause”?
Actually, this also brings about another question — I do wonder when the rakyat vote during GE, do they vote for the person or the party? Rodziah said this (I’m only quoting her a lot because I so happen to have The Star Online article on my browser):
“I believe this decision is to respect the people’s mandate, who chose the party to govern the state,” said Rodziah, who is in charge of welfare and women’s issues.
I don’t think that’s really true. I know its not for me. But I’m curious as to how many vote blindly for the party or for the person… If PR had said someone else (say Azmin Ali) will be the MB, no way would I throw my support for PR. Actually, its the same for Wan Azizah. I have respect for her. But seriously, when it comes to management of a state, I doubt she’s got the leadership capabilities needed to run the state as well as Khalid Ibrahim. And we definitely don’t need a puppet MB. Look, she can’t even control her husband, what more a state?
Honestly, my stand on the Selangor MB is not a popular one. And yes, there are those who think I’m a turn-coat for supporting Khalid. I have tried many times to explain that logically speaking, no one’s got any solid evidence of Khalid’s wrong doings. They are all just speculations and allegations and I cannot judge a person based on that.
Since there’s hardly anyone I can talk to intelligently and have some meaningful conversation, I figured it’s time I write to you. Who knows… Maybe you can bash some common sense into my head. :)
Thanks for reading. Would love to hear what you have to say about the above.

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