Thursday, August 28, 2014

Khalid Samad should join PKR, DAP or UMNO

Khalid Samad is telling PAS members to leave PAS if not happy working with Pakatan.
In my personal opinion I think Khalid Samad should leave PAS instead.
Knowing how the mechanism works inside PAS, people like Khalid Samad who are unhappy with the system should pack up instead of creating disharmony within the party. Who is Khalid Samad to change PAS?  Wasn't PAS formed before Khalid Samad was even born.
People who think of themselves being right all the time should be man enough to leave and form his own party or join PKR, DAP or UMNO.  Why complain and complain like a frustrated old man.
Me think Khalid Samad got monetary gain in his heart.

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