Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is PKR playing clairvoyant in Selangor MB's case?

PKR has been praised for many things -- its great crusade to attain justice for de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, defending the rights of Malaysians from BN oppression, etc -- but now, we have discovered its other special power. PKR leaders are not only heroic but could be clairvoyant as well.
At least that is what can be surmised from the two documents the party issued yesterday -- the show-cause letter sent out to Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and the 50-page explainer on why the MB should be removed.
The show-cause letter, copies of which were leaked to the media and posted on social media, apparently said that the decision to oust Khalid was made during its Jan 15 central leadership meeting which agreed to replace Khalid with Anwar.
The reason Khalid was to step aside, as clearly explained in the letter, was that it was tied to the Kajang Move which was to "allow Anwar to be elected as assemblyperson (in the vacated seat in Kajang) and to take over as MB".
Now this clearly shows that PKR wants Khalid to step down in favour of the de facto leader, not for any other reason.
However, in its special report cooked up to explain the need to remove Khalid, which the party reportedly sent to PAS and DAP yesterday, different reasons were given on why the embattled MB should be removed.
According to a report by TheMalayMailOnline, the document stated that Khalid needs to go because of a litany of listed sins that the party says put Khalid's credibility and integrity to question.
The innuendos placed here are serious as they border on accusations of abuse of power and corruption.
Beginning with his out of court settlement with a bank over a loan, the Kidex highway poser, the water crisis, the Eco World land deal, the supposed increase of business licence fees and so on and so forth.
"As a party that has experienced problems because of betrayals from former people's representatives who jumped ship, it is not unusual for the Keadilan leadership to take note of the allegations and actions of its representatives that arouse suspicion," read the article quoting the PKR report.
Interestingly, all these "sins" listed were ones that happened after Jan 15. So how can PKR claim to PAS and DAP that these sins are the reason the party wants Khalid removed?
Unless they are clairvoyant and can see into the future, those could not have yet been reasons PKR wanted Khalid removed if we are basing it on the Jan 15 meeting.
More likely these are just a compilation of what they could scrap together which makes the MB looks questionable to discredit him and erode support for him from within PAS and DAP.
It is also ironic that they blame the MB personally when they also reportedly wrote in the Khalid-damning report that administration is not the accountability of one person alone.
"Keadilan believes that an administration is the result of teamwork, not the reliance on one person alone, no matter how smart or capable that leader is. The capability and skills of a leader as an administrator also cannot ignore basic principles, integrity, honesty, respect for collective decision-making and responsibility," read the report as quoted by TheMalayMailOnline.
So why blame Khalid alone if they believe in collective responsibility? And more importantly, why all these smoke and mirrors of the alleged sins of Khalid?
Indeed, they should just state that the party has decided to remove Khalid and replace him with Anwar and now with his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail due to technical reasons that forbade the de facto leader from fulfilling the Kajang Move.
They could have also added that Khalid's insubordination is a matter of party discipline.
It would have made it simple and honest; Khalid must go because Anwar wants to be Selangor MB, and now via proxy of Wan Azizah and they are punishing the MB for not toeing the party line.
But just as PKR continues to wax rhetoric about the purpose of the Kajang Move in the beginning and that there was an MB change scheduled, they continue to churn out various trivia and political chaff to further muddy the issue.
Despite PKR saying in the report that it thinks that leaders cannot ignore integrity, honesty and collaborative decision making, it went on telling roundabout stories and did not consult its allies in the Kajang Move and in this current mess.
What it accused Khalid of is also what PKR is doing to its Pakatan allies.
And in the end, the Khalid explainer is tantamount to a personal attack of a sitting MB they chose and now accuse of lacking integrity.
Hazlan Zakaria

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