Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DAP takes all

Why do you think DAP is sticking its neck out for PKR?
Is it because DAP cannot do without PKR or is it because of the coalition pact or is it because of the 3 in 1 formula?
Today the ball is not in PKR's court but DAP.
Today DAP has become the Hero in making.
Like I have said many times, DAP has learnt its lesson since 13th May 1969.
Today if given a chance DAP will take over from MB Khalid but......
Yes DAP is stuck for the time being of not having a MELAYU in Selangor.
But is definitely ready for GE 14th.
This is DAP's plan but along the way PKR had to be the trouble maker.
This crisis in Selangor might spoil the plan for Tony Pua to be the next CM of Penang if it goes wrong.
The breakdown of PKR is real.
The  King and Queen Troublemakers will die in existence.
Azmin Ali will join PAS or UMNO.
Nurul future is with DAP if she plays her card well.
Rafizi will join DAP as his ambition to be the MB of Selangor is greater.
The plan is very simple.
First DAP got to be seen as obedient to PR pact.
Second knowing Kak Wan and Azmin cannot be MB, DAP will support going against the Royal Decree using the First as an excuse to please Selangorians who hate the Sultan. Whatever happens it is definite Kak Wan and Azmin will not be able to call the shot come GE14th because of this crisis.
Third - once the path is clear, DAP is confident the party can be seen as trustworthy enough to rule Selangor by all Selangorians and get out from the PR Coalition without a scar.


DAP                                   DAPAT SEMUA
PAS                                    PAU HABIS
PKR                                    PERGI KELUAR RAMA-RAMAI

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