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DAP support for Azmin Ali, Kak Wan or Anwar as MB Selangor incredible

Why I will not have Azmin as my MB

Posted on August 6, 2014

Selangor, I am told, is the richest state in the federation.
The jewel in the federal crown.
One of the reasons UMNO is desperate to get it back.
And, so I am told, why some Pakatan leaders would love the chance to be at the helm.
So much available for the picking.
Imagine you are running the state of Selangor, as you would a company you own, and are recruiting staff.
You need someone to help in managing the finances.
A resume comes in.
You do a background check and find that this person had a previous issue with the authorities of wealth and assets in his or his spouse’s name that did not make sense, given his income then.
The individual is called for an interview, and at the interview, he is asked to explain this.
His response : I was cleared by the authorities.
You ask the individual to explain how this wealth was amassed given his income then.
His response : I was cleared by the authorities. My conscience is clear.
With this explanation and, without more, would you now hire this individual to help manage the finances?
I would not.
If you still don’t know what I am referring to, please read my previous posts HERE and HERE.
Need I say more?

I’ll shut up if they speak up

Posted on June 1, 2012

I inherited two things from my late father, who passed away in 2004.
One, from his estate, the other from witnessing, at age 15, his stern and uncompromising handling of a traffic cop who tried to  solicit a RM3 bribe.
My first mentioned inheritance was a pair of Baden Powell cuff links.
Boy scouts may be familiar with this.
The second is one of zero tolerance for any form of corruption.
At age 19, then in my 6th Form, I lodged my first report with the then Biro Pencegah Rasuah against 2 police officers who sought a bribe for an alleged traffic offence close to the Rex cinema whilst driving my sister’s VW Golf.
In my first year of legal practise, I stopped my car and asked a bank officer I was giving a lift to get out after he sought gratification for debt recovery work he proposed to have referred to our firm from his branch.
More BPR reports against a court bailiff, a legal officer in an insurance company and a recovery manager in a share broking firm, all of whom sought corrupt gratification.
I suspect it is a genetic thing, as all my siblings are similarly afflicted.
3 days ago, I sent the following sms to Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.
“Pls see RPK’s latest post. U must respond. silence is not an option”.
You must know which post of RPK’s I was referring to. For the avoidance of doubt, it was his“MACC deepthroat out of the closet” post.
No, I was not expecting a return sms from either Anwar or Azmin and I can confirm now that I did not  receive any.
What I expected was a clear and unequivocal response from both to the very serious allegations that is borne by that post, for the benefit of  every citizen to whom they proffer themselves as the leaders that we can look to to rehabilitate this nation after 50 years of corrupt UMNO / BN rule.
As against Azmin, the documents disclosed in that post an accumulation of wealth that could not be explained against his then income.
As for Anwar, the sting is in the suggestion that he may have interfered with due process in using his position then as deputy prime minister to procure the closure of this corruption investigation on his then private secretary.
The authenticity of those documents disclosed by RPK appear to have been confirmed by, first, the police report lodged by the MACC in respect of the disclosure of these documents and the more recent decision to re-open the investigation into this matter.
To date, as far as I know, Anwar has remained silent.
Too silent for my comfort given the revelation by the DG of BPR at the material time, Shafee Yahya, that he had then recommended to Anwar that disciplinary action be taken against Azmin.
That no such action was ever taken is borne out by Azmin’s response to this latest debacle.
“My focus is the election. I have (been) cleared, my conscience is cleared. They are not interested in the truth.” , he is reported by Malaysiakini to have said.
RPK’s follow up posting to Azmin’s claim to have been cleared suggests otherwise.
Azmin asserts that “his constituents need no explanation from him as they know him “too well”.
I am not one of his constituents.
I belong to that category that he and Anwar often refer to as the “BOSS”.
Yes, the people.
The rakyat.
We, the rakyat, are interested in the truth, Azmin.
The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Azmin says he does not  have that amount of money.
I’d like to know if there was, then, some RM10 million sitting in his and / or his wife’s bank accounts and, if so, how they came by that money?
I’d like to know if  he and / or his wife then held shares in listed companies to the value of almost RM1 million and if so, how they came by the same?
If indeed both Azmin and his wife were worth that much then and this was not wealth amassed through corrupt practices, then maybe Azmin is indeed what this nation needs post UMNO and BN.
Yes, I’m down south in JB tomorrow to take a strong message to the people there.
Anything But UMNO.
But I agree with RPK on this.
It must also be Anything But Corruption.
As we work to get rid of  the rubbish presently occupying our Putrajaya, we are not prepared to blindly replace them with the same, bloody rubbish.
To Anwar and Azmin I say again : U must respond. silence is not an option.

I said speak up, not talk c@#k!

Posted on June 7, 2012

“My response is simple. (The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) is super efficient…In cases like the National Feedlot Centre involving (former minister) Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, they had in a very short time closed the case and cleared her, although many questions are left unanswered…” – Azmin Ali responding to media questions on the old corruption investigation against him that went KUS ( kes untuk simpan ), whatever that might mean, some 17 years ago.
Malaysiakini has the report HERE.
Well, no more efficient than its predecessor, BPR, was, in KUS-ing his case, no?
Many questions remain unanswered in the NFC?
A case of the pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you say?
When asked why no disciplinary action had been taken against him in 1995 for allegedly living beyond his means, even though former BPR boss Shafee Yahya had then recommended the same to Anwar, Azmin had this to say :
“I don’t know. If any action needs to be taken, including disciplinary action…why wait until today? Even the investigating officer has passed away” .
Anwar, even Azmin wants to know!
Why wait until today?
Why no action then, Anwar?
And to those who feel that ABU means get UMNO and BN out at all cost, irregardless of what we put in their place, I’ll disagree with you, but respect your sentiments.
I ask that you also respect that I am not prepared to go to the kampungs to urge the folk there during ABU ceramah, to get rid of a corrupt UMNO / BN regime come the 13th GE, and yet turn a blind eye to evidence that might suggest that those to whom we propose to hand over the mantle of leadership of this nation are no better than the scoundrels we now seek to depose.
If we have to put one over whom hangs the suspicion of past corrupt practices into such an office that lays before him immeasurable opportunities for financial impropriety, we are surely entitled to one of two things from such a person.
Lay those suspicions unambiguously to rest.
Or allow us the comfort that there is real and total regret and remorse for those past misdeeds.
To-date, we have received neither.
I cannot speak for the rest of you, but I do not think that we are a nation devoid of men and woman of unquestionable integrity such that even as we work to rid ourselves of this most foul and corrupt regime that now sits in Putrajaya, we must resort to replacements who cannot assure us that they are better.
I deserve that much.
You do, too.
Let’s not short change ourselves.

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