Friday, August 8, 2014

Can Rafizi and Kak Wan answer these questions?

To those who are attending the relentless PKR roadshows by Wan Azizah and Rafizi Ramli, can you please help me ask them the following questions during the Q&A time?
1) Rafizi said that Khalid reducing the price of SPLASH from RM2.5 billion to RM250 million is questionable and lack integrity. Can you ask Rafizi how exactly will it help the Rakyat of Selangor if the Selangor State has to pay an extra RM2.25 billion to a private company?
2) Can Rafizi confirm that Anwar Ibrahim had brought SPLASH's Wan Azmi to meet MB Khalid to appeal for a higher price for SPLASH? If it is true, can this be considered cronyism and politicians trying to intervene in a state commercial deal?
3) Rafizi said that Bank Islam loan settlement is a question of Khalid's integrity. Can you please ask him what was the appeal court's judgement in 2010? Was it true that the court of appeal ruled that Khalid need not pay anything to Bank Islam? Was there any subsequent court ruling that says Khalid had to pay Bank Islam?
4) Prior to the loan settlement, is it true that MB Khalid was also suing Bank Islam? What was the status of this case?
5) Is a loan settlement an unusual practise? Are banks allowed to offer a settlement to loan cases that have become embroiled in multiple law-suits where the Bank has lost its most recent court case?
6) Is it true that the Selangor State Govt sold land to Eco World or was it a public listed company, Tropicana Bhd that sold the land to Eco World? If it is two commercial companies that sold land to each other, how come you can hold MB Khalid responsible for this transaction?
7) Is it true that after Tropicana Bhd sold the land to Eco World, MB Khalid tried to block the transaction and also asked Tropicana to make full-payment of RM844.2 million immediately instead of RM1.3 billion over 20 years? If MB Khalid was benefitting from this deal, why is he making it hard on Tropicana to pay up all immediately instead of a much cheaper and favorable RM1.3 billion over 20 years?
8) Is it true that Eco World had been awarded a RM591 million project to build 2400 affordable homes? But I just read that Eco World is only engaged to oversee the project and the actual allocation for this project is RM100 million construction cost and not RM591 million and that it is the state govt that is going to sell or rent the homes and not Eco World Bhd? Can you confirm this? What is the actual value to Eco World for their project monitoring services?
9) If Eco World Bhd is a questionable company that has been proven to have tainted the integrity of the MB of Selangor, should the CM of Penang also cancel or postpone the impending award by the Penang PDC to Eco World to develop a 190ha resort, theme park, golf course and mixed-residential property project that is worth billions?
10) If Wan Azizah becomes MB, can PKR promise to make the following pledges as called for by Nathaniel Tan today?
Promise Number 1: Not to approve the transfer of ownership of 308.72 acres of land near Kota Kemuning from Tropicana Corporation Bhd to Eco World Development Sdn Bhd, or allow any development by any of these two companies on the total 1,172 acres of land, until Tropicana pays the state government no less than RM844.2 million - this being the Selangor people’s rightful share of the profits from this transaction and development.
Promise number 2: That water concessionaire Syarikat Pengeluar Air Sungai Selangor Sdn Bhd (Splash) will not be paid one sen over the RM250 million currently offered by the Selangor government.
If you get any answers from Wan Azizah or Rafizi, can you please comment back here or message me?
It would also help if you could record a video of these questions. TQ

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Vincent Chun said...

You could find most answers in Khalid Report which was written officially by Pkr to explain the issues to Pas leaders on 3 Aug 2014.

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