Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beware of this con man

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Sharing this from a friend.
Last Saturday 9/8/14 around 9:15pm, i was with my hubby and 2 girls, we were on the way back from lok tian after withdrawing money from bank and when we just entered into batu lintang road suddenly there's a car with plate number QKQ9779 kenari in Merrion color next to us & kept signaling us. We just ignore the car but when we reached the traffic light at kuching water board there the driver of kenari cane out from the car n kept pointing at the back of my car. my hubby confirmed that he didn't hit him so he just drove off but when we reached the wisma saberkas traffic light the kenari cut in front of our car and stop us. The driver about age 20-25 with tattoo on both arms and smoking. He asked my hubby to came down & claimed that my hubby hit his car when he reversed out from parking lot at lok tian. My hubby refuse to came out from the car n very confirmed he didn't see any car when he reversed out. So he just drove off, when we reached home there's a mark at the back of my hubby car but can be remove off using water. Today 11st Aug my brother saw the same car QKQ9779 kenari & the same driver at 3rd mile at the middle of the road talking to another car-kembara, probably using the same tactic to con people. Pls take note of this car to avoid being conned.

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