Sunday, July 27, 2014

When the Malays start behaving in a barbaric manner this happens daily

It was just another accident on the road in Klang.
But the owner of the car that got knocked took it very, very personal.
Being Malay she felt that the other driver (Non-Malay) did not have the right to cause the accident.
The Malay woman must be someone with strong cables because a group of Malay around 100 turned up AFTER SHE MAKE A CALL ON HER MOBILE and started to beat the other driver and overturned the car.  Not enough the group of Malays burned the vehicle much to the dismay of the helpless driver who was already assaulted to a pulp.
If every Malay who meet up with an accident do this, Malaysia has become a dangerous country to live in.
All this is thanks to UMNO, BTN, Mara, Isma, Perkasa and Malay Extremists who think that Malaysia belong to them only.  What the Malays fail to realise is that they themselves were also Pendatang from Indonesia and Thailand. Today the MALAYS LORD OVER THE NON-MALAYS BECAUSE THEY KNOW, WE KNOW THEY WERE ONCE NOBODY.

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CucuCheYah said...

Most importantly is whether these thugs are dealt with?
How many are arrested & charged ?
The public must feel safe when going
The Star is rubbish .. choose to ignore on news like these .. but the problem is everyone knows about it
We wont feel safe if we do not know if these thugs are severely dealt with.
Only when these thugs are arrested & charged .. only public will feel safe
If not the Nation is the biggest Loser

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