Thursday, July 3, 2014

When Islamic Jack Ass are Cuntfused

So, Kassim Ahmad is a kafir in Trengganu. Outside of Trengganu he is a Muslim.
So, in Trengganu he doesn't have to puasa. Outside Trengganu he has to.
If he has more than one wife, when he goes to Trengganu, he can be arrested and charged for bigamy. Outside Trengganu he is okay.
In Trengganu, Kassim Ahmad is not a Muslim and therefore he is not easily confused. Outside Trengganu, he becomes easily confused.
When he enters Trengganu, Kassim bin Ahmad ceases from being a Malay and a Bumiputera. Any MARA loan he has will automatically revoke itself.
But when he steps out of Trengganu, Kassim bin Ahmad reverts to being a Melayu. His MARA loan, if any, automatically revives itself.
This is Malaysia and Melayumuslim.
Jeckyl and Hyde pun kalah.

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