Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Selangor Drama


Like most Selangorian I am pissed big time.  The last straw is DAP standing hand in hand with Anwar telling the world that PAS will be the biggest loser if there is snap election. DAP is wrong because they too will lose big.
Before the 13th GE not many realize or rather media were bribed not to publish the secret meetings between UMNO Selangor, Najib, Azmin and Anwar. An agreement was reached that Anwar rejoin UMNO as Deputy Prime Minister if they were to secure more votes than DAP and PAS in the 13th GE.  Mahathir Kutty found out and blackmailed Najis that his file will be exposed to the world if Anwar were to return to UMNO. That put a complete stop to whatever was agreed between Najis and Anwar.
At the 13th GE PAS and DAP got equal number of seats while PKR got 1 less.  PAS and DAP agreed that Khalid Ibrahim should remain as MB and got the blessing from the Sultan of Selangor. The move disappointed Azmin who thought that PAS and DAP were in support for him to be MB. Anwar being Anwar had promised Azmin the MB seat.  On what authority does Anwar has to give such a position to someone like Azmin.  The very same Azmin whose boys goes around factories, eateries, café etc. demanding for DUIT KOPI.  Many complaint that Azmin’s boys were worse than UMNO bastards.  The only difference in PR Government is that MB Khalid does not ask for bribe.  While the rest of the EXCO does, similar to UMNO people.
Elizabeth Wong had personally approved 6 illegal landfill after the 13th GE.  Azmin and Rozali have met many times oversea and in Mecca.  My guess is equally the same as yours as to what the meetings were about.  Azmin also has an agreement with 3 PAS Selangor members giving them free share worth RM60 million each and promised 5 DAP members RM2 million cash each and 1 incinerator if they were to support him.
But in private Azmin has already identified 3 DAP members whom he wants out.  They are Tony Pua, Ong Kian Ming and Datuk Teng.
As to PAS so called wanting to join UMNO to get the MB seat is false.  Many are not aware except PAS Council, Anwar and Azmin that the Sultan of Selangor is not in favour of PAS member to be the MB of Selangor.  DAP cannot because they do not have a Malay Adun.  With that advantage Anwar thinks he can push his way through.
After failing to get the DPM seat in UMNO, Anwar then turned his attention to the MB seat thinking that once the RM3 billion is in his hand he can have a party. So he got a Third Party to inform MB Khalid that PAS and DAP wanted him out.  Yes Anwar put the blame onto PAS and DAP.  One would think Anwar is brave enough to be truthful but he is actually a sly coward. All this were done WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF PAS AND DAP.  MB Khalid was shocked and reacted the way anyone in his position would and that is to close all doors to his enemies.
So come 14th GE if Kak Wan is the MB of Selangor, we can safely say good-bye to Tony Pua, Ong Kian Ming, Datuk Teng and Nurul.  Yes Nurul, the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim.  And PAS will definitely lose by 6 seats.  This is the PLAN OF ANWAR AND AZMIN ALI.


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