Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Police demanded money from Transgender

Something sickening just happened on Sunday. An Indian transsexual woman who is not a Muslim was harassed by a Malay policemen. He had pointed his gun at her and asked her if she was male or female. She said she was female. He arrogantly asked for her identification card (IC) and when she gave it to him he said that she was lying to him and that she was a man disguising as a female by wearing female clothes. This transsexual woman is a post operative person as well for your information. He then forces her into the police car and takes her for a ride without bringing her to the police station. The Syariah cross dressing enactment of section 66 is ONLY for Muslim people in the country. Well, now you know how non-Muslims are affected as well. Plus the law is still in review that the judges at the court of appeal expressed their dissatisfaction of JAIS using that law to arrest the 16 Malay Muslim transsexual women who attended a wedding in Seremban and who were later arrested, shaved balled, limited access to bail and put into the male lock-up. Coming back to the current incident, this Malaysian Indian Hindu transsexual woman was told she was breaking the law by "cross-dressing" as her IC states that she is male. She was also told that 'pondans' (derrogative Malay term used towards transsexual women implicating that they were cross-dressers or transvestites) like her were bringing chaos to the country and that his head officer has instructed all policemen to catch transwomen all over and lock them up. She was forced to pay RM250 cash if she wanted to be let out of the police car.
Case being referred to specific bodies and organizations. Documentation being done currently and a press release may be released with the permission of the victim. That's all for now. Please share.

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