Monday, July 21, 2014

Can get summon for carrying fruits in your own car

Early morning Blues by Traffic police at LDP 9.30am. Police stop me for carrying two basket 

of fresh vege in the Pajero. I said there's nothing wrong in carrying things that I buy in my 

own car is a Pajero. He said is an offence that my car have no chop. I took my hand phone 

took a pic of my car he got angry and said he will give me a ticket now. I said for what 

offence. He said he is fasting (saya puasa I tak suka "attitude "you tak minta maaf dan 

rayuan). he don't like my attitude for not appealing and apologise. Oh Dear!!! ??????? Just 

amaze me how a fasting police could cost me a ticket. So careful don't buy too much in your 

car during fasting month.

Alyna Tai

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