Thursday, June 26, 2014

Living on a line

Hendra Wardi 
Two evenings ago, June 24 6pm, my father barely escaped death at Pusat Bandar 
Damansara MRT's construction site. (near HELP Uni) A slab of metal fell from the site onto 
the main road and crushed the passenger side of the car. Luckily it did not fall on the 
driver’s side or he would have been killed instantly. If anyone else had been in the car with 
him, they would have died.
How many more incidents like this will happen before we allow this negligence to go 
unnoticed. We are thankful that the damages are on the car and not the person but how can 
they ensure that this won't happen again?
Someone must be accountable for this! Share this. I'm sure most of you use this road and 
just remember. This could be you.
Another car involved.

As long as corruption is on the rise our lives are on the line.
Day in day out the authorities are playing a fool instead of working.  This should never had 
happened if someone actually works.
Today Malaysia has become a nut case.  Every authorities are flip flopping to heaven in the 
name of Allah.

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