Thursday, May 22, 2014

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[Scam Alert]!!! Please beware of such scams. The police will not go to all these trouble to call you. They will just go to your home straight away, be it night or day. Do not be duped by these scammers.
Miss Hui Sha advises all people to be alert and take note of these scams as these scammers tends to target older folks who to get nervous/panic easily.
21st May 2014, Time : 12:30pm
Location : Undisclosed. (Private)
Shared by Lew Hui Sha
Yesterday afternoon around 12.30pm my mother received a call from a Malay man, she quickly pass the call to me because my mother was not fluent in Malay. Here the story goes.
The guy claimed that he is the police officer from Bukit Aman and he wanted to talk to my brother's family member. He said my brother is involved in the drugs activity and was caught during their police operation this morning.
I was quite nervous and start questioning him about my brother car model and where he was caught. He never answer my questions and keep asking for my parents. I told him that my parents are not around and he asked who is the one who answered the phone just now, isn't she your mom? I started suspecting that this might be a scam. I told him my mother can't speak Malay, anything you can just talk to me but the man insisted that I passed the phone to my mother.
I ignored him and requested to speak to my brother, he allowed it and ask me to wait for awhile. He claimed that all my brother belongings have been confiscated including his mobile phone which I will not be able to contact him.
I waited for approximately 5 minutes and a Chinese guy (claiming to be my bro) start shouting "Woi !! help me! help me! I'm very!!" By that time, I'm pretty sure that this is a scam because the tone of the voice and way he speaks is totally different from how my brother speaks and and sound like.
I shout at him "hey, you are not my brother!" Straight after that he hung up the phone. I tried calling my brother many times but couldn't reach him. I manage to reach him at 1:00pm, he told me he is safe and not sure why his mobile phone network turned to emergency only between 12:00 -1:00pm.
Wow! Scam has turned to be so professional and common nowadays, they even managed to hacked into your network and change your line. Bravo! Please let your parents know especially those parent who is staying alone in the house while children are working. They easily become scammers target. Beware and educate your parents!

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