Friday, May 30, 2014

How long can UMNO Government hide the truth?

"With no doubt, the Malaysian flight crushed into the South China Sea, and more than 120 pieces of debris are still floating in the waters off the coast of Vietnam."
Yesterday, I visited a marine archaeologist, Mr. Timothy Akers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who is known for his many discoveries and findings such as an ancient city sank under the sea, missing British warships and so on with his unique satellite imagery analysis technique.
He said;
The USA Federal Aviation Administration found serious flaws in Boeing aircrafts of the same type and warned that if these were not checked and remedied, any aircraft risked disaster. But the failing Malaysian airlines ignored it and continued operating the aircraft. It says that the maintenance log records of the aircraft were "destroyed in a recent fire"! This is because it has something to hide.
The aircraft’s demise was due to nothing more sinister than structural failure following a delay of maintenance after warnings were issued.
"Malaysian government must have known from the beginning the fact that the missing flight crushed into the South China See, but in order to conceal its own faults, it misled the search parties toward the Indian Ocean. Although over 40 oil-rig workers and fishermen witnessed a badly damaged jet catch fire and fall from a sky like a fireball, their reports were dismissed."
He concludes from the information and findings gathered by himself the last minutes of the MH370 as follows.
"First, a section of the left side underbelly, just forward of the main undercarriage, began to break off the main fuselage, and it severed control cables and fuel lines. Then the left engine exploded due to the fuel injected into it, and the left wing was blown off. The aircraft lost its control and left-spiralled downward until it crushed into the South China Sea. Because of rapid decompression, all those aboard the aircraft were already unconscious or dead by that time."
I let him watch the video of Master Okawa's spiritual reading about the missing Malaysian flight recorded on 13 March, 5 days after it was lost. He said over and over again "yes!" "that's right!" while watching it, and after that, he repeated "his reading is quite accurate" "it's fascinating, very fascinating."
Mr. Akers insisted that not only Malaysian government, but some other states or organizations seems to be involved in the conspiracy to hide the fact of the accident, as we can guess from the satellite images that were captured at the South China Sea but whose coordinates were deliberately tampered with as if they were taken at the Indian Ocean.
"But I believe that whatever the reason, the families of the victims have the right to know the truth. When I saw the families were dealt bluntly by the government and the airlines, I decided to disclosed the truth to the public. The truth is always strong. It may take time, but the day will come when the whole truth about the accident will be revealed."
We, Happy Science will also do our best to bring justice for the victims and their families and console their souls using our global network.

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