Friday, April 25, 2014

MB Khalid is going for home run.

Like many people I notice that MB Khalid is spinning out of control.  Either with intention to hit rock bottom with the RM3 billion at hand or age has finally caught up with him.

Do I blame him or Anwar or the many over intelligent bastards inside PKR (yes, including Nurul?) In fact I do not see any hope in PKR as an alternative to UMNO since their Kajang Screw-up. Had PKR waited just abit longer situation would not have come to this today. But then PKR is noted for its arrogance similar to UMNO.

Now the big issue at hand is WATER.  Water everywhere but no water for human consumption.  WHY?

The real reason is POLITIC. 

Selangor has once again jump into a short term solution by spending RM10 million to feed cronies so that they can put some cheap skate machine to pump water from former tin mines into Sungei Selangor.  Klang MP Charles Santiago rightly pointed out that water from tin mines is not suitable for consumption.  

Water that is not properly treated can lead to LEARNING DISABILITY, MOTOR SKILL IMPAIRMENT AND SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS. This is proven in the State of Selangor since the privatization of water where more than 18% children and adults have such problems.

There is a permanent simple solution to which Selangor Government, Exco, UMNO Cronies and Sultan are against using to solve the water issue in Selangor.  Reason - NO KICK BACK.  If this permanent solution can benefit the people in the long run - of course there is money but not INSTANT.  Yes everyone wants to suck FAST.

Some of you think I know nuts just because I blog.  But there are people like me who can and knows how to solve some of the nation issue by using our GOD GIVEN BRAIN.

The solution to our water is OPEN RETENTION POND SYSTEMS. Natural corridor that provide endless drinking water for people, a place for wildlife to live and fresh air for everyone.


'Acid level high in mine water’
Anjulie Ngan
PETALING JAYA: Using mining pool water as an alternative source is not a good idea because the toxic level is much higher than in rivers, said Klang MP Charles Santiago.
Santiago was commenting on Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim’s decision to use water in mining pools as an alternative source to overcome the shortage now.
“It is not a good option… it has raised health concerns among the public,” he told FMT today.
According to a water treatment plant expert, there is a high chance of heavy metal poisoning in water drawn from mining pools.
“Our treatment plants are not equipped to detect toxic material in water so the possibility of heavy metal poisoning is high,” said the expert who wanted to remain anonymous.
A Geographical Society of Malaysia bulletin said the chemical reaction of sulphide in the rocks produces sulphuric acid that would decrease the pH value of water in mines.
The water in mines is a product of oxidation and hydrolysis on sulfide minerals.
“Toxic water pumped from mines into rivers will pollute the waterways considerably and Selangor can face a health crisis.
“I don’t think it is a good idea to use mining pool water because there are other alternatives to this crisis,” said Santiago.
He said the alternative would be to store rain water to overcome rationing.
Former Selangor state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jeyakumar said previously there were plans to store rain water in Bukit Jelutong, but it was all just talk.
“There was massive planning but nothing to show,” he said.
However, Jeyakumar is all for using of mine water to alleviate Selangor’s water crisis.
Attempts to contact Khalid’s office on this matter proved fruitless.

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