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Even a Psychic says Political motives behind the disappearance of flight MH370

Missing MH370 flight has political motives according to psychic detective Angela McGhee ahead of talk at Cheltenham's Isbourne Holistic Centre

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POLITICAL motives are behind the disappearance of flight MH370 and Madeleine McCann’s parents should remain hopeful they may find her alive, according to crime-solving psychic Angela McGhee.
The 56-year-old will talk about her work in helping the police force solve missing people cases at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham on Monday and if it’s anything like our interview, it will prove fascinating.
As a child, Angela knew she was different to all the other kids. She was receiving visions from the spirit world at the age of four and her time at a Catholic convent resulted in a nun becoming one of her spirit guides.
“It has taken a lifetime to come to terms with my gift,” she says.“I just wanted to be like everyone else. “No child wants to be different.”
Except she was and her work hosting spiritual classes soon attracted the attention of the police who enlisted her help in solving a murder case – the first of hundreds.
In one case regarding the murder of a pub owner in Staffordshire, her vision resulted in the conviction of three men after she relived “like a film reel” the attack and the vision of a bloodstained body.
In another, she helped to track down the body of missing Shrewsbury woman Mandy Franks.
“I had a vision of where her body was going to be found,” she says.
“I kept saying that it was in the water but since it had been lashing with rain it was 30 miles away from Shrewsbury where they were looking.”
In the end they found the body exactly when and where Angela had said.
Her visions proved so strong – revealing details only known to the officers working on the case and many more soon-to-be facts they were unaware of – that she began to build up a reputation to the point where the chief inspector of West Midlands Police publicly endorsed her work in Angela’s book.
Eerily, Angela has also predicted events in her own life but despite warning loved ones she has been unable to change the outcome.
On one occasion when driving past her daughter’s house she had a vision of smoke coming out of it and the following day, as her daughter spoke to a salesman at the front door, sure enough the smoke from the pan began billowing out.
“Another time my son was going to Greece and as he went out the door, I said ‘have a nice holiday but don’t go on a moped’,” she says.
“Of course he didn’t listen and had an accident. But all I could do was to forewarn.” It meant it didn’t come as a shock.”
There are numerous high-profile visions too. She predicted Italy’s World Cup winning campaign in 2006 – “I felt after the death of the Pope they had an extra man” – and even dating show Take Me Out validated her prophetic tendencies when she predicted her own son would land himself a 5-ft 6in northern woman with long hair.
“Mark Wright [on the spin-off ITV2 show] said to Danny that he had a spooky mum,” she says, laughing.
As for the Grand National this afternoon, she lets slip that if she was a betting woman she’d pick Walkon to finish in the top four runners and riders.
“I have a feeling about Walkon. It’s because of Liverpool [it’s a lyric that appears time and time again in Liverpool FC’s anthem] and Hillsborough and the fact that in the next couple of weeks it will be the 25th anniversary of the disaster.”
So what of some of the greatest mysteries of our time, such as Madeline McCann and the missing plane which has baffled the world in recent weeks?
“I haven’t had visions but I have a feeling that something underhand has happened,” she says of the latter.
“I don’t think it’s a fault with the aircraft. I think it is all political. I do have hope that progress will be made and they find the parts.”
In the case of Madeleine however, she has been having visions since day two and has worked extensively with the police on their investigations.
“I saw barren land, tall trees and boulders,” she says.
“It turned out to be the village of Monchique and they found out that a paedophile ring had been operating near the village.
“The answer lies there and if I was a parent in their shoes, I would have a glimmer of hope.”
Tickets for Angela’s talk tonight cost £13 each. Call 01242 254321.

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