Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop shifting the blame to Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

A Facebook posting on March 8 alleging a last-minute schedule change for a Malaysia Airlines MH370′s crew member has been brought to The Rakyat Post’s attention.
The posting was made by a woman, Noor ‘Olya Dollah ,expressing her gratitude to Allah that her husband, who was initially scheduled to fly the MH370 KL-Beijing-KL route at midnight on March 8, was replaced at the last minute.
The posting is believed to have been made in response to news reports that broke about MH370′s disappearance from civilian radar and its failure to land at Beijing International Airport at 6.30am.
Noor ‘Olya wrote: “My dearest hubby… Anas Mazlin… suppose to fly that flight to Beijing last nite… but his name has been removed last minute… ya allah… syukur… dipnjgkan lg usia dan jodoh bersama… sedangkan flight tu dah dischedule since last month… syukur sgt2..”
(My dearest husband, Anas Mazlin was supposed to fly that plane to Beijing last night, but his name was removed at the last minute. Ya Allah, thank you, you have prolonged our lives and our marriage together. The flight had been scheduled since last month. Thank you so much.)
From what was written, if the Facebook posting is legit and was not doctored in any way, it would appear that the woman’s husband, Anas Mazlin, was already on the flight roster since January, scheduled to pilot the Boeing 777-200 on that fateful night.
A last-minute change, however, took his name off the schedule, and it was later discovered via the flight manifest, that was made public that the pilot of MH370 was Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.
Although the posting was made on the very day of the flight’s disappearance, it appears to have eluded all media currently scrambling to piece together any information on the mystery that surrounds MH370.
Noor ‘Olya Dollah’s Facebook posting was public and garnered 76 comments from what appears to be friends or family members.
It has 151 likes and 26 shares.
Earlier, at the press conference at Sama-Sama Hotel, MAS chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya answered “No” in response to a similar question on whether Zaharie and his co-pilot, Fariq Abd Hamid, had requested to fly the route together,
A MAS official also told The Rakyat Post that there was no last-minute change to the schedule and reiterated the fact that Zaharie and Fariq did not request to be put together on that flight.
The Rakyat Post is currently attempting to find out if there is a pilot employed by MAS by the name of Anas Mazlin.

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