Thursday, March 27, 2014

Someone burning evidences regarding MH370

Azhari: Explain mysterious fire in Avionic Shop of MAS

Fire in Avionic shop at 4 pm on 26-3-2014
Fire in Avionic shop at 4 pm on 26-3-2014
At about 4 pm today there was a fire in MAS Avionic Shop, level 2, Hangar 2 in Subang. The Avionic Shop has been existent in MAS for more than 30 years and this is the first time that a fire broke out so mysteriously.

The highly qualified En Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still CEO of MAS  AewrospaceEngineering
The highly qualified En Azhari Mohd Dahlan is still CEO of MAS Aerospace Engineering
Avionic Shop is under the Aerospace Engineering of MAS and its CEO is non other than the highly qualified En Azhari Dahlan, who was specially “head hunted” from AirAsiaduring the infamous MAS – AirAsia shares suap swap.  En Azhari Dahlan appeared briefly during the first day of the press conference on the missing MH 370.  He didn’t utter a word and was just making up the number for the press conference. Thereafter, he went missing mysteriously from further press conferences on MH 370.

Avionic Shop is a workshop that repairs all avionic components / electronic box that was installed on the aircraft including MH 370.

This mysterious fire was equally unprecedented.  It happened during this challenging time for MAS when the missing MH370 story has not been fully settled.
Fire in avionic shop
Fire in avionic shop
Some three days ago MH 066 A330 aircraft originated from Kuala Lumpur to Incheon, South Korea, was diverted to Hong Kong due to the failure of one of its electric generators which supply normal electrical power in the aircraft. It has been reported to be “technical problems”.  Instead of the highly qualified En Azhari Dahlan coming out to explain the “technical problems’ of the generator, the CEO of MAS had to come up with the explanations. Luckily all 271 passengers were all safe.
The highly qualified En Azhari Dhalan, the CEO of Aerospace Engineering of MAS, must now break his silence to explain what have caused the fire and more importantly what documents or properties have been destroyed by this mysterious fire and was this a sabotage.

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