Friday, March 14, 2014

MH370 a PATSY?

Day 7 - finally the Malaysian Authority admits MH370 was hijacked.
Why pussy around for so long?  Lives were at stake but as usual UMNO people do not care.
Malaysians have suffered too long under the tidak apa attitude.
Today we shine like a bulb for the world to see how stupid and naive the people who are running this country are.  Yet they feel proud.
The ones up in the Wealth Kingdom for too long think money is everything and everything is money.
The untouchable ones have used money to cover their sinful ways, get their ways, work their way and pushed their unIslamic way into our homes.
Today the world must ask Mr and Mrs Prime Minister which group of people they have cheated or rather FAILED TO KEEP THEIR PROMISE.
Was it the Mongolian because Mr and Mrs Prime Minister C4 Altantuya?
Was it the Sulu because Mr and Mrs Prime Minister did not keep their promise to pay for their 'Sarong Invasion?'
Was it the Indonesian?
Was it the Iranians?
Was it the Bangla?
Was it the Nepalese?
Was it the Chinese?
Was it the Indians?
Was it the Christians?
Was it the Osama link?
Was it the Arabs?
And many others.....................
While the whole world is helping us to search for MH370, what is actually taking place underground?
Why are there an in-flux of people especially the Turks entering Malaysia for the past five days?
It is predicted that on 15th April 2014 there will be a shift in power that will change our lives.  Does that mean that America will no longer be the leader of the world?
So which country or people have the money, intelligence, arms and nuclear to take over?
China, Iran, Israel or Somali pirates?
I would like to suggest since NO-ONE is asking that the Malaysian Authorities publish picture of all the 227 passengers and 12 MAS crews.
I tell you why because plastic surgery is now easily available and also there is a possibility of people using plastic mask to disguise themselves.  Those of you who are fans of 'Mission Impossible' will understand what I talking about.  So with the pictures publish worldwide, I am sure someone out there might give us a leak.  Unless the Malaysian Government does not really want the truth to be reveal.
Meanwhile Mrs PM for once did not give Mr PM credit for bringing in foreign help.


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