Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MH370 Breaking News: Taiwan Student Found Potential Crash Site

March 18 – Malaysia airlines Boeing 777 had been missing for days, even weeks! Could this be a miracle? Yesterday, Student Hsieh Mengxiu from Taiwan Nantou county of Nankai University of science and technology through satellite photographs, seemed to found a suspicious plane landed among an area covered with bushes, suspected to be the location of the missing airliner MH370. Nankai University Professor Chen Jun liang consulted Lin Qing Yi, professor from the department of aerospace engineering, National Cheng Kung University to assist in the interpretation of the satellite images. Lin Qing Yi purports that the plane may had crashed and landed in the woods with a broken tail. He said that the location is quite impossible to be an airport runway, but high chances are that it  may be the location of the missing Boeing 777! This satellite picture is provided by the American Tomnod data processing company. According to them, each satellite images contain sequence numbers. Student Xie Meng Xiu found the satellite image of the aircraft with the serial number Map654342. He submitted the information in hope of further verification from official. Tomnod company, with its expertise should be able to, calculate the exact location of the photo from the image’s sequence number, . Since the disappearance of MH370, satellites had been taking photographs across different continents, amounting to more than 2 million images.
Students from the “International volunteer club of Nankai university of science and technology”, were very concerned about the incident and had volunteered to scrutinize thousands of satellite pictures everyday just to assist in finding the whereabouts of MH370. Kudos to them! Yesterday, Volunteer Xie Mengxiu suddenly exclaimed “I found it! Here!” Excited, the other students all surrounded him. Leader Chen Jun liang and his people from student affairs as well as media also rushed over to report and understand his research. “We didn’t expect students to be able to find a suspect missing aircraft from more than two hundred satellite photos!”
News background: Is it feasible for internet users to actually help search for MH370 from Satellite Images?
MH370 a total mystery case, has been disappearing for more than eighty hours. Sources believe that it is necessary to educate the public about remote sensing. It was said that previous NASA MODIS satellites’ monitoring results were able to release photos with highest resolution of 250 meters, however MODIS may now be able to play a bigger role in global civilian service. Commonly known as spatial resolution, it is the ability to identify terrain features and images from satellites. The higher the resolution the better its recognition. The Company is trying to advocate the public to help analyse satellite images so as to help find the plane. Below is the link to the site: It may be laggy on the website as more and more people are doing their part to help analyse and identify satellite images. Crowdsourcing the Search for Malaysia Flight 370. Historically, the company has also volunteered in some humanitarian effort after the Haiyan typhoon few months back: DIGITALGLOBE RESPONDS TO TYPHOON HAIYAN. JOIN THE CROWD CAMPAIGN TO “HELP US” It’s great to see official satellite managers, civilians and officials as well as non-governmental forces coming together hand to hand to contribute in some way.

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