Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Malaysian Military and MAS should be charge for negligence

For the past two weeks the Malaysian Authorities have been feeding Daily UK that Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was the one responsible for the missing MH370.

Not once did anyone from MAS stand up against this serious allegation.

For the past ten years I was told repeatedly that the maintenance department in MAS was chaotic to work in.  People who are UMNO supporters ran the whole place like their grandfather's premise and did what they like.  Nuts and bolts that does not match specification were ordered in large quantities.  When junior staff complaint to technicians, administration etc that this and that were mismatch, cannot work, it was brush aside as nothing to worry and was instructed to use SUPER GLUE to fix the problem as long as the planes could fly.

Today if half the maintenance people especially the seniors are not sack the whole fleet of MAS planes will continue to kill its passengers.

In the meantime why are the Military Top Guns still sitting pretty without care.  They too should be sack immediately.


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