Friday, March 7, 2014

From Art Ultrarun

Art Harun's photo.Art Harun's photo.
In response to the Malaysian Homely Ministry banning the Bahasa Malaysia version of an Ulltraman comic titled "Ultraman the Ultrapower", Kesatuan Ultraman 1Kosmos & Universe (KUKU) yesterday had an Ultra-extraordinary General Assembly in order to discuss the said banning.

Ultraman Taro, the self-appointed President of Persatuan Killer Altraman Satu UNiverse (Perkasa), was obviously peeved and implored all members KUKU to henceforth boycott Malaysia and stop helping Malaysians fight against all kaijus and aliens.

However, Ultrawoman Sister, a henceforth unknown Ultrawoman, speaking on the condition of complete and ultra-anonymity, pointed out that perhaps the Malaysian government has been upset with all the destructions which Ultramen had caused while fighting in Malaysia, especially the collapse of the fly over near Cyberjaya; the collapse of the stadium roof in Trengganu and the yearly haze caused by the dust every time Ultraman fights a kaiju in Kuala Lumpur. Ultrawoman Sister speaks as the head of Sisters In UltraSlam (in short, SIS). ULtraSlam by the way is Ultrawoman Sister's power slam which she executes when the light bulb on her chest

The President of the Persatuan ex-Ultramen stood up to suggest that all Ultramen, as well as Ukltrawomen, go to Putrajaya and do and tarian bontot at the lake to show their displeasure. This was widely agreed upon by KUKU. Ultrawoman Sister however pointed out that the Malaysians might just love to see the tarian bontot instead of being insulted if members of SIS took part. Especially when all members of SIS look like the one in the picture below.

Meanwhile, the leader of Persatuan Ke-ultradilan Rakyat (PKR) just said that he was Ultragelihati with the move to ban the comic. He thinks all these are ultrafunny and there is no need to ultrareact to the move.

In the middle of the Ultra-extraordinary General Assembly, Dr Ridhuan Tee appeared and told the attendees that all of them are Ultra-kiasu and they deserve to be banned. All of them however ultralaughed at him.

When pointed out that the reason for the banning might be the fact that one of the Ultraman was described in the comic as "Allah", and knowing how the Malay Muslims in Peninsula Malaysia could be confused thinking that Ultramen are now their God, one of the participant asked:

a) why wasn't the comic book allowed in Sabah and Sarawak because apparently Allah may be used to describe God over there; and,

b) why wasn't the publisher of the comic book asked to do a more accurate, proper and better translation?

Nobody answered.

The Ultra-extraordinary General Assembly was then adjourned without any resolution.

When asked why wasn't there a resolution, KUKU President was quoted as saying, "we will form an ultra high level committee to look at this issue. And since Anwar Ibrahim will win in the Kajang by-election, we are ultra-sure that this issue will be resolved by him in no time."


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