Sunday, March 16, 2014

Enough of evidences TO HIDE THE TRUTH

Oil Spill at the spot where MH370 disappear

Aircraft Door found but was DESTROYED by Malaysian Authority

Life Raft found by fisherman (who later was arrested by Special Branch) but ACCIDENTALLY DROPPED BACK into the sea by the Malaysian Marine.
China Satellite found what looks like a plane part but Vietnam did NOT PURSUE.

NZ Oil Rigger who saw the plane tail on fire but Malaysian Authority was NOT INTERESTED.

China used 'SEISMOLOGY' and detected plane crash at the site where MH370 disappeared.  But the US claimed it was usual and the Malaysian Authority was NOT INTERESTED.
Laser Weapon System FIRED SAME TIME AND DATE MH370 disappeared.

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Biggest heist in the world

With such promising career how not to tumble down like a rolling stone.