Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cost cutting result in MAS crash

For the past five years MAS has been going on a full scale cost cutting exercise except for the top management.  Many staff have complaint that the working hours are beyond International Standard.  Working conditions were bad.  Engineering Department etc...were mismanaged.  But no-one was willing to put things right.  Problems were hushed up.

Now that reality strike home what kangkung excuse will be promoted to protect the wrongdoing inside MAS.

MAS needs a competent CEO to run it but because the UMNO Government and certain Malay extremists think that this country is only for the Melayu, other races are deprived for top post in Malaysia. This policy started in the Mahathir era gave no chance to people from other races who have the ability to bring back the glory of MAS before 1994.

Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah and Najis must take full responsibility for this crash and the trouble inside MAS today.

When it was first known at 1.40am that MH370 had disappeared on radar, not a single authority from Malaysia took the incident seriously.

This is not something new in our Malaysia society and culture.

This is how the Melayu works and this is the truth.

To the Melayu pleasure comes before work.  Melayu do not like to work on weekends when they can play golf or spend time fucking their mistress or girlfriend or getting over from their hangover.

Don't believe, ask MAS CEO or Najis why they were only told about the missing plane after 5 hours the incident happened.  Another burning question that need answer is WHY IT TOOK 12 HOURS AFTER THE INCIDENT FOR THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT TO SEND RESCUE TEAM TO HELP LOCATE MH370?




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Zainul said...

What good about this article? Full of racist statement. Are you saying others cant make rasist remarks but u can? BTW Idris Jala is not a malay dispite of his malay's name.

Biggest heist in the world

With such promising career how not to tumble down like a rolling stone.