Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Closing the pandora box tightly

How many passport do you have?   Or used to have?

Are you aware that 10 million Malaysians have lost their passport almost yearly since 1984 till today?  Look at the mirror and open your mouth to mumble the number of times you have lost yours.

Back in 1984 till 2004 all UMNO members have either two or three passports. One for Singapore, one for Thailand and another for work and family holidays. Why three you may ask?  Very simply put, they do not have the courage to answer the Ma’am about their visits to whore dens in Singapore and the lovely boys and tiger shows in Thailand.  Hat-yai was too close to the border.  Every two weeks the UMNO gangs would secretly adjourn to either place to have fun telling the Ma’am they have seminar to attend in some remote place. The passport for Singapore and family travel would have the same details (name etc) in it while the one for Thailand has completely different details (name etc).

I too had two passports till the one to Singapore was phrase out by the Malaysian Government. 

In Genting passports, cars, jewelleries, Mykad and properties are given as collateral for short term loan.  Most gamblers are happy with this kind of arrangements and many have lost everything.  One such person is Syed Kecil’s wife.  She lost close to 20 properties, jewelleries, cars and passports.  Yes passports and you want to know how many? Estimated 1,000 (One Thousand) used and new passports.  Genting used to give her RM1 million then it was reduced to RM500,000 OD and she borrows from Ah Long another RM300,000 per night.  Three of her Ah Long have since migrated to Australia with all the wealth she donated to them.

Back then one can sell new passport for RM200 and used one for RM300 – RM500 depending on how many entries were stamped in it and the middlemen would resell it for RM1,000 – RM2,500. Once a police report is made, a new passport can then be applied without question.

The people involved in the passport rackets were politicians, judges, government servants especially immigration.  Since 1994 till today immigration officers who retired have homes overseas and are enjoying life to the fullest with their sinful money.

Today new passports are sold to middlemen for RM2,000, while used passports between RM2,500 – RM3,000.  The middlemen resells it between RM10,000 – RM150,000 depending on whether it is one way or two way.  They have package deal.  The introducers get RM100 – RM300.  Now who are the introducers?  Taxi drivers, bank officers, lawyers, auctioneers, judges, politicians, doctors, government servants  etc

One man by the name of Kelvin (Malaysian Chinese) travels in and out of Malaysia but base in Thailand doing a very lucrative business buying and selling passports to bankrupt businessmen, criminals etc…………..

So now do you understand why the big hesitation on the two stolen passports uncovered in the disappearance of MH370.

Another information you may like to know.  In 1996 Aishah Ali NST, Utusan and the chief editor (Malay man) for Malay Mail were given documents and photos of certain VIP involved in human trafficking, prostitution and passport racket. And guess what????????????? It disappeared into thin air similar to MH370. 

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