Thursday, March 13, 2014

Azman Mohamad arrested by Special Branch for finding MH370 life raft

10 nautical miles is some 16KM. That was how far we ventured into the sea, smack middle in the Straits of Malacca at the exact location where Azman Mohamad claimed he found a an orange life raft, with the words "Boarding" inscribed on it.

His friends, who were fishermen too, took us out to the sea and it took us nearly an hour and a half to reach the location. Just a few metres away, we would have crossed into Indonesian waters.

I can imagine how hard it is to find the aircraft and I applaud the efforts by the authority and its partners in finding the plane. As you already know, the raft was handed over to the Kuala Linggi MMEA. The stupid part is when they claimed the raft sunk by the time they tried retrieving it.

Even more confusing was the reply by the MMEA enforcement chief who denied the raft was not from the missing MH370 aircraft. How did he ascertain if it was not from the plane? Through the whatsapp images shared.

But what boggled my mind was the fact that by the time we arrived at the Port Dickson jetty from the sea, waited for Azman to come back from fishing, he was immediately swept into a silver special branch car.

I understand the guy did not lodge a police report. But why take him by force (and by force, he was held by both arms like a suspect and taken into the car)? Why not allow him to share what he knows? After all, the MMEA enforcement chief have already said the raft is not from the plane.

Why the lack in transparency and why the fear in sharing what they know (or don't know?)

I hate to speculate. But I'm sharing this based on my observations from the ground.

Cassius Ribhkus

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