Friday, February 21, 2014

Wild Card at the Kajang Casino


wild card

: a playing card that can represent any other card in a game
: a person or thing that could affect a situation in a way that cannot be predicted : an unknown or unpredictable factor
sports : a player or team chosen to fill a place in a competition after the regularly qualified players or teams have all been decided
Khalid was given evidences on Azmin's dirty deals.
Azmin was given evidences on Khalid's bank deal.
Anwar was given evidences on UMNO deal.
PR Coalition and BN were given evidences on Khalid, Anwar, Rafizi and Azmin deals.
Mahathir was given evidences on all the Trojans' deal.
Kajang folks will be given evidences on all kinds of deal.
Anwar will bet Selangor on the casino table in Kajang.
The winner is none of the above but the person who holds the wild card.

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