Monday, February 3, 2014

Which party is the opposition in Selangor?

Rafizi gets flak from Pas Youth over Kajang remarks

KUALA LUMPUR: A PAS Youth leader has called on PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli to refrain from making too many political statements on the Kajang by-election.
The wing's information chief, Zaharudin Muhammad, said such statements might backfire ("senjata makan tuan") on Pakatan's efforts to be transparent in their politics.
"Do not make us torn between upholding our responsibility to the people and protecting the interests of our allies in the opposition coalition.
"I hope Rafizi will take this into account. Do not drag us too far (from our objectives)," he said on his Facebook account on Friday.
On Wednesday, Rafizi had claimed to have been the mastermind behind the "Kajang move", saying that it was part of a plan to strengthen the opposition's foothold in Selangor.
He had also apologised to Kajang constituents for forcing the by-election.
In the comment thread below his Facebook post, Zaharudin said the by-election, which involved public funds, was happening in the backdrop of the price hikes issue.
"The party's machinery had been prepared to go all out on this issue. Suddenly, this has all been drowned out by Kajang, Kajang and Kajang."
The Kajang move had been strongly criticised by other Pas Youth leaders, who questioned whether the decision to hold a by-election was linked to rumours that Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim would be replaced.
In an earlier Facebook posting, Zaharudin said the selection of the menteri besar was not the exclusive right of PKR, but must be agreed upon by the party's allies in Pakatan.
"Pas has a large say in deciding who to appoint as the MB, especially since Pas has one seat more than PKR in Selangor."

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