Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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60 policemen under probe and IGP not aware of it. What a joke!

V Shuman
QUICK TAKE: If you have not had a hearty laugh this week, go and read the newspapers or news portals today.

Look out for a piece on Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar denying any knowledge of a probe by the Malaysian Anti- Corruption
Commission (MACC) against 60 of his men.

That's right, the country's top cop is apparently unaware that not one or two, but 60 of his men are being probed for corruption and money laundering by the MACC.

Khalid said he had yet to receive any report from the MACC with regard to the involvement of the policemen in the probe, as reported by The Malaysian Insider recently.

"I'm not aware of such a report and I do not know where The Malaysian Insider obtained the information. We have not been informed by the MACC of any probe being carried out on our officers. I will be writing to the MACC to find out," Khalid told reporters after a function in Kuching.

Now, is there something glaringly wrong with the above statement? A whopping number of policemen, most of them senior officers, are under probe for accepting insane amounts of money as an inducement to "not do their job" and you are not aware of it, Mr IGP?

Apparently, this is also not a "catch today, charge tomorrow" probe. It has been going on for months. Some of the suspects have even been transferred to other departments since the probe started.

It is common knowledge that the transfer of senior police officers would need the consent of the top cop, or his deputy at least. There is hardly any chance of him not knowing of the transfers and the reasons for the move.

Can you imagine the IGP walking into Bukit Aman one day to see a senior officer (a Datuk) formerly attached to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters sitting in the administrative division of the federal police headquarters and he goes "Dude, what are you doing here?" And the latter goes, "No, just dropping by to say Hi." Makes sense?

According to The Malaysian Insider, this is one of the biggest MACC probes in recent times, but somehow the country's top cop is not aware of it. Either he has been sleeping on the job or there is an absolute disconnect between MACC and the police force – both institutions are supposed to work together to rid society of corruption and crime respectively.

This is the not the first time the IGP has had his "foot in mouth" moment. Last year, he defended the missing firearms bungle as revealed in the Auditor General's report, saying "the guns must have fallen into the sea".

That statement became the favourite among netizens, who posted caricatures of fishes, wearing eye patches like pirates, brandishing firearms.

Dear IGP, we understand that you will not sacrifice the image of PDRM at any cost, but issuing silly statements with the intention of defending it is making it worse. You would command much respect, even from the worst critics, if you took responsibility and acknowledged the weaknesses of your men.

Just be a gentleman and say "Yes, we did wrong and we will correct it" if you have erred, and that simple gesture can make you regain the long lost respect and faith the people had on the police force.

And please, don’t go around saying that you wish the Internal Security Act (ISA) is reintroduced to help in police work.

Then Malaysians will wish for a better IGP.

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