Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Punishment for voting PR

Got another enlightenment from friends.

Since Chinese New Year till today many Chinese areas are affected with shortage or no water.
Many have gone straight to Syabas to complain and the usual reply was 'You vote for PR, you ask them.'
So what does that tell you.

You notice the silence from the Royal Household and UMNO/BN people.

Except for the big publicity for the self-proclaimed housewife nothing has been done to ease the Rakyat suffering. What about the CEO whose salary is by the millions per month?  Where is the big shot?

From what I gather this NO WATER was planned way back in November to make the Rakyat go against the State Government of Selangor.  So it has nothing to do with the climate change or the hot weather.
Since 65% of the population are Malay/Muslim the NO WATER affected them too.

This country cannot change if the Malays continue to believe UMNO is Allah and Allah is UMNO.

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