Thursday, February 6, 2014

Open letter to DAP

To all DAP members,

My friends and I like so many others in Malaysia are disappointed and sad that DAP did not fight nail and tools with PKR over their arrogant and ill mannered behaviour on the Kajang issue.

Many thought that there were understanding and consultation within the three coalition parties namely PAS, DAP and PKR for any plans before action is taken.  Today we see once again the arrogant manner PKR pushed their way through.

Since 2008 Malaysians like myself have seen how useless, selfish, arrogant, corrupted, cannot be trusted and unworthy PKR elected members are.  Knowing and understanding why God has given us five fingers that are not the same we the people have chosen to close one eye at the 13th GE.

Today we want to stress the importance of working and consulting as a team.  History has shown us the manner UMNO had bullied every single party within their coalition to become corrupted and a racist party. 
It is true that since 1998, Anwar has opened our hearts and eyes that BN or rather UMNO should be stopped from destroying this nation but the manner he went about with Kajang and eventually grabbing the MB seat without consulting PAS and DAP was wrong.  What happens when the ambitious Azmin and Rafizi are not fulfilled?  Will they kill Anwar the same way they destroyed Nurul’s marriage?

Today PKR has shown us that they are mirror image of UMNO.  So if DAP continues to give way, one day DAP will be like MCA and Gerakan today.

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