Monday, February 17, 2014

Only Melayu capable of throwing pork meat into the compound of a mosque

The piece of meat found at the mosque in Machang Bubuk in mainland Penang, this morning. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, February 16, 2014.
A slab of meat believed to be pork was thrown into the compound of a mosque in Cherok Tok Kun.
All Malaysians are aware of the ways certain Melayu who like to provoke and provoke the non-Muslim.  They want to create chaos and another May 13th so that they can grab Penang away from DAP.
But what these certain Melayu forget is that the more they provoke, the more people will support DAP.
Today Perkasa is quiet because they have to create the chaos in Selangor so that Azmin Ali can be the Deputy Back Door MB leaving the Mamak and Pekida to do the dirty works in Penang.
People today are no longer stupid unlike certain Melayu who are easily influence with money and religion.

Today 65% of 29 million citizens in Malaysia are Bumiputra.  The Chinese and others are not stupid to confront the Melayu when they are only a minority plus they have learnt a bitter lesson in 1969.

The only people who are still dreaming and love creating troubles are the Melayu.

I challenge PDRM and Jakim to prove me wrong that the people who threw the pork meat  into the compound of a mosque in Cherok Tok Kun are not the work of the Blackie who called themselves Bumiputra and Pekida.

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