Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jobs given to foreigners instead of Malaysians

Did you one time or another experience the foul mouth, hot tempered and crazy bus drivers in Kuala Lumpur.  Well you are not the only one.

On Sunday an elderly woman got hurt boarding bus rapid.  The bus driver was in a bad mood and he just close the door before she could finish taking the first step up.  She got scolded for being too slow and stupid. She was the last to board the bus and the ones in front were still queuing to pay.  So how can she be slow and stupid.  The driver did not even have the decency to apologize.  Mind you the driver is an Indonesian.

Today I boarded a bus that was supposed to go to Bukit Bintang but the bus driver decided to go straight to Pudu Raya.  Again the driver is an Indonesian with a foul mouth.

Since my destination had been diverted I had no choice but to take a cab to Bukit Bintang since I was already running late. Got a cab and had an enlightenment from the driver. My cab driver had just arrived from India a month ago.  He paid RM6,000 to an agent to work in Malaysia. There were 9 of them from the same flight.  Upon arrival they were taken to a house for briefing and were given Mykad with Muslim names. The cab driver said he is still adjusting to his new name and religion but it is alright since he can earn good money in Malaysia. He is still learning the varies route and said he does not dare to venture further than the ones he is familiar with.  He only knows his boss is a Tan Sri and he has to hand over the money to someone at Times Square everyday. Taxi number is 3831.  

So why is the Government giving jobs and Mykad that are meant for Malaysians to foreigners?

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