Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here we go again

It has become a trend that every time a Melayu gets caught for CBT or other white collar crime they just jump into a plane and goes to Mecca. These Melayu are not sincere about their religion.  They want us to believe they are good people but underneath their Melayu skin they are the biggest sinners on earth.  So much so that Non-Muslim has lost respect for such creatures.

It was reported that Azmin Ali has joined the bandwagon of Shahrizat, Hamidi, Najis and The self declared housewife Rosie (I never knew a housewife can have an office in Putrajaya above the PM and 16 personal staff and 1 staff just to carry her handbag.  Must be a very heavy bag with diamond rings) etc has gone to Mecca to cleanse his sins. But wait………….yes another one.

The last time Shahrizat and her husband were in Mecca so were MACC, PDRM, Lawyers and Negotiators.  Everyone present had an enjoyable time and Shahrizat and her husband were at their best to see to their needs.  Henceforth there were not enough evidences to charge Shahrizat, her husband and her children after that trip.  Isn’t Allah so kind to these wonderful creatures who, can take RM250 million of our money and found not guilty. So you Non-Muslim better convert to enjoy such benefits.

So now that Azmin is doing the same in Mecca what about the PKR members feeling?  Do you know that everyone calls Anwar, Anwar whereas Azmin is called the Boss.  Now what does that tell you about Anwar’s position in PKR.  In PKR, Azmin makes all the decisions.  Anwar just follow like a lost puppy.
Now even before the Kajang election is over PKR members have shown their arrogance by declaring they have won.  Similar to the way Rafizi was declared the winner at the last 13th GE.  The pimp who was helping Rafizi went everywhere saying that Rafizi has won before votes were cast.  That is PKR arrogance similar to UMNO and BN.

Over the century I have never seen or heard such arrogance in PAS and DAP.

So what is happening now is that PKR members are happy that the RM200 million donated for their use in the 13th GE has been diverted into Azmin Ali’s account.  Anwar is fine with it. The supreme council is fine with it. PAS is fine with it. DAP is fine with it. Isn’t PKR action similar to UMNO?

Now that Anwar has already won the Kajang seat before voting day, why bother to hang around eating satay everyday like a busybody with nothing to do.  Why waste time, energy and money? Me think Kajang voters should just sleep in on polling day since result already known in advance.

Now for those die-hard who have rooted for Nurul to be future PM can forget about it.  With the new Deputy Back Door position secure Nurul can now be official maid to Indonesia Embassy.

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