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The 5 differences between Israel and Malaysia in 2013

Israel's Top 5 Medical Breakthroughs in 2013

top 5 israeli medical breakthroughs 2013


The Machine That Lets Paraplegic People Walk

This incredible device, which was developed by a quadriplegic Israeli scientist, has already been featured onTime Magazines "Best Inventions of the Year" list, and has been featured on the popular TV show, Glee.

Similar to an exoskeleton or a bionic suit, the ReWalk relies on sensors that "anticipate shifts in the user's balance" and then translates them into movements, enabling the user to walk or stand. The ReWalk is available in Europe, and is being reviewed by the FDA in the United States.


The Procedure That Turns Tumors into Ice

The Israeli company IceCure, who successfully developed a treatment for breast tumors by freezing them into ice, is currently attempting to expand its technique into the treatment of lung cancer.

OrCam: The Device That Helps Blind People Navigate
OrCam harnesses the power of "Artificial Vision" to compensate for lost visual abilities. With OrCam, a sensor sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.


The Wrapping Paper That Heals Bones

This product made by RegenCure, consists of a strong, flexible membrane that can be shaped into any geometrical shape to provide complete containment of the damaged bone, preventing cells and soft tissue from penetrating but allowing fluids in, a process that the company says is crucial to the healing process.

The 3D Medical Imaging Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

This. Is. Amazing.
A true game changer in the field of medical imaging! The Israeli firm RealView Imaging enables physicians to manipulate and analyze a patient's internal organ anatomy in midair in real time.

This happens when a country has Talent Corpse, Pemandu and a Clueless Prime Minister

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