Monday, January 27, 2014

Kutty's brilliant move

There is an understanding among the Elite Malays that when Kutty puts his mind to get something nothing stands in the way. People like Kutty does not believe or fear 'Allah.'  To Kutty there is no 'Allah' in the after death and that he is 'Allah' in this world and that is all he cares. Today Kutty wants two things desperately and that is to have a new puppet to run this nation and have full control over the Malays. Before this, Kutty had difficulties in getting to the Malays especially those in PAS because of Tok Guru.  Now that Tok Guru is no longer the grand Tok and Hadi has become an easy target because of the greed of his son-in-law, Kutty can now safely walk in and pin the Malays into a corner by forming the Syariah Police Force.
The attack on DAP, Christian and PKR has already begun but not noticeable because of the coming Chinese New Year celebration but do pay attention to your surrounding.  For the past one week I have witness two attacks on a Christian and a Malay PKR supporter at the Klinik Kerajaan by UMNO Youth.

As a Mother I fear for my daughters' future in the hands of Syariah Police Force.
As a Mistress of a family I fear I cannot afford to put food on the table.
As a Malaysian I fear for my life living in a corrupted nation.

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Biggest heist in the world

With such promising career how not to tumble down like a rolling stone.