Friday, January 10, 2014

Flip-flopping the whole nation

From within

For those who would like to know. This is the video shown by an ustaz to standard one pupils last year. My son came back white with fear one day. 

Macam sial!

My e mail to the school today. I am utterly sick of this. Quote: Dear Ms Lee I feel I have to write this to bring to En Abdullah's attention of this sickening tendency to indoctrinate young Muslim students in this school by some ustaz or ustazah. I am concerned about the ustaz planting subliminal racism and bigotry into the minds of the young students under the pretext of teaching them Pengetahuan Ugama Islam. I am willing to pay 16000 ringgit a year to this school so that I could get away from this nonsense in the government schools but I am disappointed that even in this school this kind of people are around. Last year, my son came back from school trembling in fear. When asked, he said the ustaz showed the class a video of hell. And he showed me the same video on you tube. I was so shocked! How could an ustaz do this to standard one kids? Is he mad? Doesn't he know of the psychological impact that could have on young impressionable minds? Gila ka apa? Today I learned that this ustaz has been making racist remarks in the ugama classes. The remarks sound harmless but the seed of racism and bigotry is planted subliminally by the remarks. Muslim kids are told that Muslims die easily as the death angel would take their life slowly and softly. Non-Muslims however die painfully as their life would be "rentap" away (forcefully pulled away) from them. What kind of sickness is this? I hope the school would look seriously into this matter. I am Malay Muslim. But I dislike all these nonsensical things masked as religious lessons. It creates division and disunity and send Muslims kids into their own cave of insecurity and perhaps even hatred. Please convey this to En Abdullah and revert to me with the steps which the school is going to take to solve this matter. Kind regards, Art Harun da Bomb Note: all names have been changed to protect privacy.

On one hand UMNO has turned into a prostitute, gambling, murder, blackmailing and cheating party.  On the other hand Standard One children are shown this.

UMNO government very cuntfusing.

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