Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We have to kick out the liabilities to survive

In 2014 the whole country will experience an erection marking an important point in the history of Malaysia that a pampered, spoilt and rich brat should never be consider or allow to be a Prime Minister.

Najis has clearly proven that people from his kind of background are simply incapable. How can a rich kid know and understand people who have to work for their meals? How can a rich kid understand the meaning of balancing the account?  How can a rich kid understand the feeling of being helpless without a home?

This country is already bankrupt, you know, I know but they don't want to admit.  By covering up everything under OSA is not going to change anything.

Malay population in Malaysia is 65%.  With 0.1% being the elite, the Malays are the ones who will suffer the most in 2014.  Today many Malay graduates are jobless.

In any business facing bankruptcy, the first to go must be the liabilities.  In this case Najis and the 2 million foreign workers have to be kick out.

Until that is done, nothing can save Malaysia.

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