Sunday, December 15, 2013

Video of college girl being bullied goes viral

A screengrab from the video showing the bully pulling the victim's hair.
PETALING JAYA: A video of a college student being bullied by a group of girls has gone viral on Facebook.
The video showed the group harassing the girl, believed to be a student from a private local university-college.
The victim was harassed by a girl clad in purple after she accused the latter of stealing her money, because "she looked the type" and came from a "family of low-castes".
In the 16-minute clip, the bully could be heard hurling profanities at the victim, slapping and hitting her with an empty plastic bottle as well as pulling the victim's hair.
The other girls could be seen laughing in the background, some recording the scene with their mobile phones.
At one point, the bully went looking for an object to hit the victim with, but was stopped by the other girls.
The bully then called her mother and explained the situation to her.
The mother was then heard telling the victim that "I will break your face" and "I will come to the hostel and teach you a lesson".
The helpless victim started crying and apologised, claiming that she had made a mistake.
Despite her apology, another girl clad in black appeared and started hitting the victim.
The victim, who was previously submissive, fought back but to no avail.
The footage ended with the first bully warning the victim to be careful and to not cross her path again or there would be ugly consequences.
At time of writing, the institution was not reachable for comment.
The incident was believed to have occurred in the hostel belonging to the college.
The video which was previously uploaded on YouTube, was removed by the video-sharing website due to a violation of its policy that prohibits content designed to harass, bully or threaten.
The video however, found its way to Facebook where it went viral.

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