Thursday, December 5, 2013

Running wild for the wrong reason

DBKL under siege for what? Doing what is right or what is wrong?
For the past 20 years DBKL has not risen its assessment, making KL folks a happy lot.  But for how long?
The cost for maintenance has hit its ceiling and will be getting worst if no solution is found and no strict enforcement is put into order.
But knowing how things are mismanaged from top to bottom there is cause for concern.  I am happy that finally some people are putting effort to make DBKL accountable for its spending. But how about putting yourself in DBKL position where those living and working in Kuala Lumpur are suffering from an incurable disease known as 'couldn't be bother attitude'  when it comes to people's property and cleanliness.
Do you know that inside the market building traders do their part in cleaning and throwing away their rubbish. But those operating outside seldom do.
What about the night market traders, who never, ever bother to clean up after closing and they even shit in the drain. Then we have the food operators who are everywhere. They throw their gravy and oil onto the floor, they wipe the dirt off the table again onto the floor. Even if you give them free bins they simply refuse to use them because they do not want to dirty the bins.  
It would be good if DBKL can video tape them and show it to us nightly as a form of entertainment.  
Johari (Titiwangsa) who won in the 13th GE has given 1200 food licences to the Malays and Indons to operate everywhere in Kuala Lumpur has aided in more rubbish.

Now it would be more appropriate if the same enthusiastic is given to the hike of electricity. Since 2008 till 2012 my monthly bill has shot up more than 800%.  I am not alone.  Those who had their meters change would have similar experience.  

It was reported that 1800 people have signed the petition against DBKL for wanting to increase the assessment in Kuala Lumpur by 200% since there were no hike for the past 20 years.  On the other hand TNB has increase their rate almost yearly for the past 20 years which comes up to 1200% (1993-2013) and not a single lawyer and forensic accountant is going to court on behalf of the Rakyat.

So what is so special about KL folks who are not happy about the 200% (20 years) hike compare to TNB hike of 1200% (20 years) which affect the whole nation.

Me think KL folks are running wild for the wrong reason.

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