Saturday, December 14, 2013

First you must proof you are not an ass

Dear Donkey,

Since you became the vice president you have shown yourself and behaved like an ass.  Every now and then you hide beneath your position to show your stupidity.

The latest outcry by your poor self on Mat Sabu is to hide your hideous crime on your daughter's lover.
Since you do not want anyone to come out with evidences of your crime, you and your partner IGP Khalid has diverted the attention to something else.

In Malaysia we already have a Prime Minister and his queeny wife who are murderers and now you too have joined in the bandwagon. Looks like all UMNO politicians are heading into that direction. This must be the Islamic goal of UMNO.

Since you are out to kill off the belivers and supporters of Syiah, can you extend your witch hunt to Muslim who practices witch craft and worship many Gods. There are ample proof of such practice in Jalan Duta and Putrajaya. Government servants have seen with their own eyes the spell been placed at several rooms - beneath meeting tables and chairs. Even the drinks served to special guests are tinted with spell.  Inside the bedroom (Jln Duta and Putrajaya) chambers are filled with spell and spiritual hair.  In Jln Duta and Putrajaya are special rooms meant for toyol only.  Every now and then virgin blood are taken into those rooms.

So Dear Donkey, try to explain your bosses behaviour and where is the source of virgin blood before the roof collapses on your head.

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