Monday, December 9, 2013

Atlantis of Malaysian politics

My friends asked me over lunch the other day, "why is it that all the stupid statements; all the racial rhetoric; the we-will-defend-the-Malay rights-Allah-Islam-till-we-go-blue statements continue to be made despite the intensity of outrage expressed by all of us?


Ladies and gentlemen,

The answer is WE, and how WE feel and OUR opinions DO NOT MATTER.

The powers that be is NOT talking to us. Nor listening to us.

They are talking to their bread and butter, to the Malay heartland, to the section of the people and society which MATTER and are RELEVANT to them. To their power base. To those who ensure their political longevity and survival.

NOT TO US! We are the hopeless section of the society. The unhappy lot. The one who talk and talk and talk about universal human rights, freedom and liberty. The idealists. The liberals. We are the gone case. We can shout and scream all we like. Burn a thousand candles. Sing a thousand songs. Write a thousand articles. Produce a thousand satires. IT DOES NOT MATTER. We are not their bread and butter.

The Opposition on the other hand give a semblance of relevance to people like us. But it is nothing more than an appeasement of sorts. Because when it comes to power play, political survival and longevity, the opposition is but a mirror of the government. PAS will still shout and scream about an Islamic state. DAP will criticise and criticise. PKR what the hell they are fight each other.

We, my friends, are the persona non grata of the Malaysian political landscape. We are not poor enough to receive BR1M and not rich enough to be accosted by the powers that be. We are too clever for the rhetoric but not clever enough for the government grants.

We, the Atlantis of Malaysian politics.

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