Friday, November 29, 2013

Hiking month

November can now be remembered as the month for hiking.  Hiking is good for health if you are healthy otherwise forget about it.
When a state is well managed and has a lot of foreign investment everyone who puts in their best effort should be rewarded.  I do not understand the big fuss over the pay hike in Selangor.  So what if it is 400% or 1000%.  Has anyone bother to look into the woes of the people who are helping to run the State.  You think these people are doing charity work.  Every single one of them works 24/7.  Even while fucking their spouse they get a call for this and that.  Have you been to their centre?  Do you know that every single day someone will ask for bus fare to go home because they have excuses like losing their wallet, got rob or misplaced their purse. The people pleading for money for spectacles, milk powder, pampers, rental, utilities, books, shoes and many more you can think of.
Samy Vellu used to complain he gets income of RM8,000 but he digs from his own pocket RM18,000 each month to give to the people.

Another hike bashing is the new assessment rate in Kuala Lumpur.  I was born here and will be living here till the day I die.  Many developments have taken place since Merdeka.  We have LRT, MRT, high rise buildings, international schools, better homes, more roads, more cars, more street lights, more shopping malls, more people, more rubbish, more clogs and many more.  As the state grows each year the need for maintenance grows bigger and bigger.  So is it reasonable for the assessment to remain? 

20 years ago my girlfriend paid RM60 for her room, today her rent is RM280 for the same room.  Her room has never been renovated, repaired or painted yet the rent has shot up because the landlord saw fit to increase. Now this landlord is making noise about the hike in assessment.  There are many like this landlord. 

Today Kuala Lumpur is like a mini landfill.  Everywhere you go there are rubbish on the ground, on the trees, on the fences, in the drain etc.
The biggest culprits for our mini landfills are the Pasar Malam traders and food operators on the road side.  After doing their business instead of cleaning up they simply pack up and leave. Oil and gravy are also thrown onto the ground without care. The smell and stink remain for at least two days if there is no rain.  Then there are some brainless traders who will throw their unwanted goods, empty boxes and basket into the drains.  So when it rains the whole damn drain is clogged up.

Do you know that every Wednesday my neighbours and I pray that no-one falls sick or need medical help between 4.30pm to 10pm because the road leading to our homes and our own gates are blocked by Pasar Malam traders’ vehicles.

Every household is given a bin by DBKL to throw their rubbish inside but my front neighbour  thinks otherwise.  Everyday she either hangs her rubbish onto the fence or throws them on the roadside. This is the kind of mentality city folks has and she is not alone.

In Bandar Tun Razak the folks staying in apartments simply throw their rubbish out from whichever floor they are staying in. So if you are lucky you get to enjoy the rubbish from the sky.

So folks if you and I do not bother to lift our precious fingers to help clean our State but want others to do the job then pay for it. 20 years ago there were only 600 workers.  Today we need more than 6,000 workers to clean Kuala Lumpur. To me 200% hike is reasonable for our tidak apa attitude.

Why is everyone keeping mum on the ever rising of electricity charges?  Is it because it is UMNO Sdn Bhd? If you do a forensic investigation into the charges that TNB has been charging us for the past ten years one cannot fail to see that we have been paying penalties for estimated and imaginary charges. Then we have meters that automatically run faster at certain times. Why do we favour a cheating company?

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur deserve the hike but TNB with profit RM6.4 billion for 2013 and its CEO getting million as Bonus just does not make cow sense.

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