Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This happens when the Government is corrupted

It wouldn't hurt that much, higher BR1M will cushion fuel hike, said the Idiot from Putrajaya.
Petrol price increase won't affect the poor, the only people with big cars are prominent figures.  Kampung people don't have cars,' said Bang the balls from Sabah.
Yes the people who steal and rob this nation dry can afford to say this.
Do the Elite UMNO Club members ever care or know how we are living.
20 sen increase in fuel, another increase in utilities, additional environment cost, GST, increase charges for phone, cost of food increase, housing price increase, bus fare increase.  All this so that the Elite UMNO Club members can continue to live in style.
A mere RM500 from BR1M to cover the 400% increase to our living expenses.
The Elite UMNO Club members think we are easy prey, we do not have brains, we are backward.
Well the Malays in UMNO may be idiots but the Rakyat are no fools.
We have said this then and we are saying it now, BR1M is a con scheme by the UMNO Government to make us suckers.
To all those who voted for UMNO - STOP DRAGGING US TO YOUR GRAVE.

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