Monday, September 30, 2013

The machinery in Terengganu eats non-stop

The Sultan eats,
The MB eats,
The ex-MB eats,
The UMNO members in Terengganu eat,
The Civil Servants eat,

Masjid Kg Tebauk in Bukit Tunggal, Kuala Terengganu. PIX by ZABIDI TUSIN KUALA TERENGGANU: Yet another roof in Terengganu has come crashing down, this time at a mosque in Kampung Tebauk, Bukit Tunggal. 

The mosque’s bilal, Mat Man, came to open the mosque at 5am Sunday and was shocked to discover the foyer’s ceiling had collapsed. 

“I arrived at the mosque, opened the gates and lights, as people would come soon for the Subuh prayers. I did not suspect anything then.

“Only when I entered the foyer I saw there was rubble. I looked up and realised the ceiling had collapsed,” said Mat, 61, who lives nearby. 

Mat said the ceiling was still intact the night before, and he suspected the roof collapsed early in the morning. 

No injuries were reported.

The Public Works Department when contacted said it would investigate the matter first before issuing a statement. 

The mosque was completed in 2010 and only opened to the public two years ago. 

The collapse was similar to the one at the Kampung Binjai Kertas mosque, where the ceiling of the entrance collapsed last May.

In October 2009, the entrance roof of a mosque in Kampung Batu Putih in Kertih, Kemaman, collapsed and injured three Indonesian workers.

That incident occurred only a few months after the roof of the RM300mil Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin stadium collapsed. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013


The same set of leaders were returned today to the DAP central executive committee (CEC) after the new election ordered by the Registrar of Societies (RoS).
The line-up included Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari who was elected with a higher majority. He is the sole Malay to be voted into the 20-member CEC.
He polled 1,132 votes, coming in at 12th spot, as opposed to last December’s election where he barely made the cut with 803 votes.
The soft-spoken 31-year-old was thrust into the limelight in the last polls after a technical glitch in vote counting put another candidate into the CEC. The error was discovered and when it was corrected, Zairil found himself in the CEC.
Today, Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong obtained the highest votes at 1,438, followed by party veterans Lim Kit Siang at 1,436 and Karpal Singh (1,432).
Karpal's son, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo was fourth highest with 1,409 votes, with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng closely following on 1,304.
Others voted into the CEC were:
* Chong Chieng Jen (1,294)
* Anthony Loke (1,263)
* Chow Kon Yeow (1,203)
* Fong Kui Lun (1,193)
* Teng Chang Kim (1,164)
* Tony Pua (1,158)
* Teresa Kok (1,127)
* Chong Eng (1,111)
* M. Kulasegaran (1,088)
* Tan Kok Wai (1,088)
* Teo Nie Ching (1,081)
* Boo Cheng Hau (961)
* Nga Kor Ming (956)
* Ngeh Koo Ham (809).
Returning officer Dr Ong Kian Ming announced the results at 8.15pm, well after 1,725 out of 2,576 delegates cast their votes in the morning.
"We took a long time to ensure all tallying of votes was done properly and audited by our auditors," he said.
The party has been at loggerheads with the RoS after DAP announced that technical glitch in the December polls.
DAP held a fresh CEC election today to avoid deregistration, as ordered by the RoS on July 30.
RoS acted on the complaints of several disgruntled members who claimed the December election was not properly conducted after the party announced that a tabulation glitch had resulted in the wrong candidate being elected to the CEC.
They also claimed they were not informed of the party polls.
Party national organising secretary Anthony Loke had rebutted the allegations that it did not inform 753 delegates of the party polls and produced evidence of members’ attendance records and signatures, plus postal receipts which showed notices were sent out.
This time, an international auditing firm was appointed by the party to monitor the counting process to avoid a repeat of what happened in December.
An elated Zairil said he was happy to have received more votes and that the line-up remained unchanged.
"The status quo of leaders remains. It shows we have foiled RoS's attempts to cause trouble in DAP," he said.
In thanking delegates for their trust and support, a shocked Liew said he never expected to poll the most votes and beat even party stalwarts.
The newly elected CEC members will next decide among themselves who will be the office bearers. - September 29, 2013.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

As safe as a ketchup plant.


Deputy Minister in trouble after saying Lynas plant “as safe as a kicap factory”


SEPTEMBER 26, 2013
Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah found himself in hot water after declaring the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, to be "as safe as a kicap factory".
Abu Bakar's reply, which was viewed as a mockery by representatives of the anti-Lynas group and several opposition lawmakers, sparked off a heated argument between them and Abu Bakar, who was fumbling through his notes as he looked for answers.
In the midst of the argument, he made another revelation: "I have been in this job for only three months and I need to understand and read up on the chronology of the events on Lynas."
He found himself in more trouble after revealing that he had visited the plant only once and found the operations safe.
"How can you call this project safe after visiting it only once? We have been living with it for more than two years," Tan Bun Teet, chairman of activist group Safe Malaysia, Stop Lynas (SMSL) shouted.
Another resident then advised Abu Bakar to "do his homework" before talking like an expert on the plant.
He then offered to organise an all-expenses paid trip to the plant.
Fuziah Salleh (PKR-Kuantan), however, said it was more important to have a dialogue with the affected residents, adding, however, that "this has not happened, since the government has declared it safe".
When Abu Bakar kept insisting the plant was safe, some of the residents lashed out at him.
"Why are you defending Lynas? As a government official, you are supposed to defend us. Now you know why we booted BN representatives out," one resident said.
"I have to protect it as the AELB (Atomic Energy Licensing Board) which issued the TOL (Temporary Operating Licence) to Lynas comes under my ministry, so I have to protect it," he responded.
Abu Bakar also said the plant was the best employer in Kuantan with 354 workers on its payroll enjoying good remuneration.
His remark angered G. Manivannan (PKR-Kapar) who asked Abu Bakar how that was a point to be jubilant about.
"Please be more responsible when making statements. That is the least of our concerns here," he said.
The heated exchange took place at the old wing of Parliament.
At a press conference later, Fuziah said the ministry had not disclosed all information to the public, especially  concerning the residents' safety, citing the long-standing query on the location of the permanent disposal facility for waste from the rare earth plant.
"They (ministry) said  that they cannot disclose the details. Why? Why not?" she asked. - September 26, 2013.

The twit who is cuntfuse

Stupider party in Malaysia is UMNO Baru

UMNO Baru officially the STUPIDER MALAY PARTY.
This is Mahathir's Karma.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who said there is no Karma for UMNO Elite?

                                           Discarding the Older Workhorse
Just because there is a new workhorse in one’s stable, it does not mean that the older workhorse should be left to die or discard. Probably there are still productive utilities and roles of the older workhorse in the farm.
That is what we were told about Former Group President and CEO of FELDA Global Ventures Bhd (FGV)  Tan Sri Dato’ Sabri Ahmad.
Sabri was controversially replaced Emir Mavani announced earlier this year, on 15 July 2013. The seasoned planter had served in that capacity for three years, taking over from Tan Sri Mohd. Bakke Mohd. Salleh, whom was assigned to Sime Darby Bhd.
Sabri, Isa and Mavani
It was reliably informed that all facilities and benefits accorded to Sabri would end come first day of October. This include medical, hospitalisation and company car.
This is because FGV decided to ‘retire’ Sabri against his will from all directorship, which include various BoD that he is now serving of subsidiary and associated companies where FGV have shareholdings and interests.
It is also believed that this matter was raised in BoD FGV and the decision is made.
We were told Sabri has been gravely ill since a week before he officially retired. He has been in and out of hospitals and surgeries and now undergoing medical treatment and therapy.
This will summarily end all the medical and hospitalisation facility accorded to Sabri, as a immediate Former FGV and BoD of several FGV companies.
FGV Chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and Former FGV CEO Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad
Why the decision is made is hazy. However it is baffling to learn that FGV Chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad did not play his role and all the cards available to him considering that Sabri  played pivotal role in the IPO exercise of FGV, which was dubbed the “Most successful in 2012 after ‘Facebook’”.
Sabri as a seasoned planter and corporate leader, provided the strong and visionary leadership for the restructuring and all the strategic and planning work for the IPO.
Against a lot of opposition from within, FELDA (authority) senior management, BoD of Koperasi Permodalan FELDA (KPF) and of course Opposition charged NGOs such as ANAK, Sabri was steadfast in realising Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s ‘Transformation Plan’ for the FELDA community.
Prime Minister Najib announced the listing of FGV in the 7 October 2011 Bajet 2012 speech in Dewan Rakyat.
Pengarah Besar Lembaga FELDA Dato' Seri Dzulkifli Wahab, Pengerusi Lembaga FELDA Tan Sri Isa Samad dan CEO FGVH Dato' Seri Sabri Ahmad semasa sidang media
Senior Director FELDA (Authority) Dato’ Seri Dzulkifli Wahab, Chairman of FELDA (Authority) Tan Sri Isa Samad and CEO FGVH Dato’ Seri Sabri Ahmad at the media conference in Kuala Pilah, Nov 2011, after meeting the FELDA community leaders for FGV IPO roadshow
The corporate exercise alone was daunting, since the opposition of BoD KPF and then senior management of FELDA (authority), FELDA Holdings Bhd. (FGV) were unable to be injected into FGV for the ‘share-swap’, which will directly benefit KPF shareholders. Instead, Sabri engineered ‘Plan B’ that the holdings that was supposed to go to KPF were channeled into a SPV.
The SPV would also finance all the development programs for FELDA community, which would be focused for the 2nd and 3rd generation.
Sabri worked very hard and his contribution, via the corporate leadership was immense. He tirelessly spearheaded all the roadshows globally for international investors during the pre-listing of FGV, the strategic partnership and networking to ensure that FGV growth and future business plans are subjected to a formidable plan and followed through.
Sabri’s explanation on the SPV intended for he strategic and development programs of FELDA community
It is obvious that Sabri did so much for FGV shareholders and FELDA community on behalf of the Federal Government in so little time. It is utter shameful for all that deeds and success stories that Sabri made and marked, is not commensurated with the decision to discard him entirely.
What is most shameful is the believe that Isa did not do his best to stand up for Sabri, in the latter’s most trying moments. Especially in the tone where FGV is making ‘very expensive investments’.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The new Wanita Chief

The high and mighty Shahrizat is finish.  This time Ibu Malaysia (Rosie) cannot help her, neither can her daughter's body save her position.
Now who will be the new three VPs?
Zahid had formed a pact with two parties.
The first is with Hishamoo and Shafie.  The second is with Mukhriz and Ali Rustam. So either way he wins hand down.
That Isa can now take a long walk back to Port Dickson.
Bangla (KJ) is also going for a very, very long stroll.
Come 2014 M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R
This is the ultimate wish of Iskandar Kutty.

Urgent Push for US$ Billion Commission

Azmin to lead talks with Singapore on resuming HSR project