Sunday, August 4, 2013

Killing Season in Malaysia

Innocent victims especially Indians are killed in police custody.
Witnesses are killed in MACC custody.
Whistle blowers are killed by hired killers.
Student's desire to question are killed off by arrogant Listen, listen woman.
Non-Muslim students innocence are killed off by racist Principal and Teachers.
Business are killed off by being mere Malaysian by racial policies.
EC working hand in hand with the Judiciary to kill off the Rakyat's right to choose.
Muslim hypocrite are killing off common sense in the name of defending Islam.
Ex-PMs are killed off by leaving UMNO and one was forced to step down by a Psycho ex-PM
Wanita UMNO is killed off by a selfish, arrogant Mad Cow.
Silently and rather abruptly the UMNO leader also the present Prime Minister is killing off the nation in the name of gluttony.
And the Malays are very proud of this.

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