Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In UMNO Baru position has a price

A party that does not groom leaders is as good as dead.  Since the founder wanted it that way it should now follow suit and die along with him.  Yes the founder is Mahathir Kutty and it is time the Malays bury this corpse for good.

Malaysia population stands at approximately 29 million including all the illegal MyKad holders.  From that UMNO Baru claimed they have 3,386,274 members including the dead ones.  Yes UMNO Baru still keeping the departed ones as members because the Division Heads are desperate to hold onto their post.  In Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Sarawak and Sabah there are many divisions having only three members but in papers five to six hundred.  Meetings are held with spirit and names are collected from stalls around the area.  In some desperate cases names are taken from drug centre and mortuaries. This kind of creativeness has been going on since 1984 till today.  That is why UMNO Baru name list increases and never decreases.

If you ask me ‘So how many members do they have excluding all the government servants and dead ones?’ I can safely say give and take 800,000 the most.  Maybe some wise guy can now demand for the name list with details.  Again who dares to be the fall guy?

Now how many whore and virgins are there in Wanita and Puteri UMNO?  Again the actual numbers can be challenge.  Many people are not aware that their names are automatically listed as members when they attend seminars and functions organized by Wanita and Puteri UMNO. Again who wants to check?

During the GE13 campaign period I have the opportunity to observe the working of some women within UMNO.  I can safely name four capable ones who can take over as Wanita UMNO Chief and two for Puteri UMNO Chief but……………………….. Yes there is always the Buts…………………

There are two unspoken rules within UMNO Baru before one is given a chance to be seen in the party.

Rule number 1 is to sleep with the top guns in UMNO Baru.
Rule number 2 if you are too old or too ugly to be wanted then sacrifice your daughters and in desperate case even sons will do.

In UMNO Baru, position has a price.

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