Thursday, August 29, 2013

How many are so lucky and fortunate?

It is good news that the house owners got to purchase back their homes.
But how many people are lucky and fortunate like them?
I am also a victim of circumstances who lost a home.  In spite of showing proof to AG, making police reports, complained to Bank Negara and writing to Pak Lah, no steps were taken to stop the fraud. Instead the hanky-panky were settle within an hour on a Sunday and there were no bidders present on the auction day, the whole case was close by the police who were paid handsomely by the syndicate.  The people within the syndicate are none other than the same law firm who acted for Gale Force Sdn Bhd and Maybank.
Yes I learnt a bitter lesson from the same law firm and Maybank.
Do you know how much the syndicate make from my house? RM325,000 clean with no declaration to Income Tax.
This is how Bank Officers, Judges, lawyers and auctioneers get their pocket money.

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