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Perkasa working hard behind the scene during fasting month



Media Statement 16.7.2013
14/07/2013 Hindraf CEC Member Mr Kumar and Mr Manoharan visited the victims of Indian targeted attack by malay mob on Wednesday 10/7/2013 at Pangsapuri Sri Rebana ,Bandar Bukit Raja,Klang,
A group of approximately 100 Malay mob attacked the apartment on Wednesday night and slashed5 Indian Youth with “parang”  and corner a Indian lady and place a “parang” on her neck and intimidated her at entrance of Block A – PangsapuriRebana ,Although the Malay mob were displaying “parangs” in plain view of the police but police made no effort to disarm or arrest them for carrying the weapons. They were seen trying to pacify them and talking very friendly. Another witness mentioned that several “parangs” were being taken out of a police car and given to the Malay mob.
According to witness Police road block were set up in the 3 only roads that lead to apartment as below:-.
1st road block from KlangUtama to Bukit Raja PR flats (Motorcycle Lane)
2nd road block at Jalan HjSirat
3rd road block near the surau, close to PR bloks.
But our question is how did 100 motorcycles of outsider manage to pass thru the these road blocks?
One of the witness(don’t want to reveal name) says at  10:30 pm, a group of 50 people assault 2 Indian youth near “Econsafe”KlangUtama with sticks, golf clubs and crash helmets. Both victims aged 16 years of age. They mentioned that 2 of their assailants were policemen in uniform.
Much as we are wary of the racially sensitive nature of such incidents and have acted with restrain, giving the police enough time and space do their work discreetly, it is totally unacceptable that after five days the only statement issued is one of denial and deception.
In fact, they even went further to warn “certain groups” not to highlight this matter or face arrest.  We will not be cowed by this as our primary concern is that the members, instigators and ring leads of the mob may still be on the loose, and free to murder, maim, injure or intimidate innocent people.
Hence, we implore the Royal Malaysian Police to
i)  act impartially and professionally and bring to justice ALL those responsible.
ii) issue a true and comprehensive statement of the events that took place between 10th-14th July 2013 in Klang Utama.
iii) state clearly what preventive measures were taken and explain why the mob was able to return on the second night
The police and the government have a duty to assure the traumatised people that their right to life and equal protection before the law, as enshrined in Article 5 (1) and Article 8(1) of the Federal Constitution would be upheld.
We want an investigation to be done and prosecute those malay mob who involved in this racial attack for an attempt to murder and dismissed those police personal involved .We urged the police to not planned and cover up for this case.

Sec Gen –Hindraf

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